Book Author: Frank Page


Copyright 2014. FIVER and the PSYCHOLOGY of RABBITS. All rights reserved.

Frank Page is resident of Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has Ph.D in sociology and has been teaching sociology at the University of Utah for the last fifteen years.  He also sings and plays the piano at the Cinnegrille Restaurant, specializing in ballads, blues, and boogie-woogie.   He also lived on the East Coast for a year or two, where he worked as a musician.   Prior to that, for many years, he and his brother Paul Page ran Page Amusement and Vending in Salt Lake City, Utah.   In addition to Fiver and the Psychology of Rabbits, Dr. Page has also published two short stories, Stars and Stripes and Other Signs of Life, and Dancing at the North Yards Café, which can be accessed by clicking on the titles to download the PDF file. He has also published numerous articles in sociological journals and encyclopedias.


Copyright 2013. FIVER and the PSYCHOLOGY of RABBITS. All rights reserved.