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Back Cover  - Fiver and the Psychology of Rabbits

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Well paced, and multilayered, this novel is an adventure as well as a love story that are woven together in a compelling narrative about a dog and a man, both contending with modern realities. The author addresses major moral and social issues of modern society in a way that is insightful, emotionally charged, and funny. Students, your people, and thoughtful readers of all ages will discover a rich tapestry of themes and plots that are engaging and, at times, extremely controversial. A colorful cast of characters from all walks of life adds richness and depth, as does Fiver, a magnificent Golden Retriever on his own quest for love and freedom. Ultimately, the book is about a man and a dog together on a journey in search for meaning and peace. Along with philosophical touches regarding are, technology, friendship, and death, there are the rabbits and a mysterious if not magical one that haunts the book.‚Äč
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